360 Print World specialize in direct screen printing on glass, plastic and metal bottles and jars. Our automated presses are capable of large and small runs and use UV light to instantly cure the ink without the need for inefficient oven drying. This allows for more vibrant, consistent color.

Screenprinting is a printing technique where the print goes straight onto the product. The product to be printed enters a machine, is clamped and registered in the equipment. The product is subsequently put underneath the printing method (the screen).

What are the advantages of screen printing?
• High level of durability
• Extremely high level of scratch resistance
• Chemical-resistant
• High level of colorfastness
• No osmosis issues or floating/loose labels

Benefits of screen printing over paper labels:
• No fade, stain, scratch, tear, or peel off
• Increased bottling line efficiency
• Design flexibility
• Branding/Marketing impact
• 360 degree wrap-around printing
• Cost competitive vs. label printing