Our process uses an electrostatic disc system that produces microfine coating particles, which are “precipitated” and attracted onto the surface of the glass using electrostatic voltages. The charge on the coating particles is dissipated through the glass leaving the neutral particles on the surface of the glass.

Advantages include:
• Flexibility for us to handle very complex shapes, colors and textures.
• Results that provide an even coating and quality finish due to the very fine particles in the process.
• Minimum wastage and efficient material usage due to the doubling of the efficiency of conventional spray application.
• The capability to handle high volume production.

Numerous glass finishes:
• Acid etch/colored etch: Natural acid etch / sand blast effect also with transparent tints and colors.
• Transparent colors
• Solid colors
• Simulated stone and terracotta
• Metallic colors
• Pearlescent colors
• 'Soft feel' colors
• Thermochromic colors
• Fluorescent colors
• Ultra violet blocking
• Iridescent colors
• Luminescent/photochromic colors
• Anti-bacterial coatings
• Fragment retention coatings